Symphonic City - Grindsgatan, Stockholm

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To participate in the soundwalk, the audience should have a smartphone or pad, headphones and internet connection. Please download the app Recho here in advance to coming to the exhibition.




SYMPHONIC CITY - GRINDSGATAN, STOCKHOLM is an exhibition that revolves around the dialectics between reality and imagination in the creation of the city narrative. Is the landscape that we perceive a construct created by our imagination rather than an environmental phenomenon? If so, who owns the city’s narrative? Is it an individual or collective perception? Or is it both?


Only in odd cases we perceive something in the city landscape that is not part of our expectations, formed by our socio-cultural and political backgrounds. The history behind the development of the public space and our individual perception of its as-is state often seem to correlate, yet it is only one layer existing amongst a myriad of contemporary interpretations that are governed by a series of both bygone and future landscapes.


Relying on different bodies of knowledge, the exhibition will attempt to make the city's passive voices active and make its active voices passive. Delving through different approaches of representing the nature of the city, the exhibition relies on scientific interpretations such as Lucius Burckhardt‘s Spaziergangswissenschaft, Michel Foucault's Heterotopies and Walter Benjamin's ideas on 'Flaneur' to provide a basis for both historical and contemporary artistic interpretations of the city.


The main artwork in the exhibition will be a soundwalk called 'Symphonic Cities: Grindsgatan' by Patric Simmerud that explores the tension between the reality and the imagination of the city landscape. The eventual sound narrative that an individual visitor comes to will be the individual result of a collective exercise. It will incorporate the voice of its creator, but the narrative structure will be in the hands of the listener who makes ad hoc decisions on what direction to take.


The exhibition is a precursor to a larger sound narrative project in which the artistic interpretations of sound artists with different backgrounds are incorporated. In that way, different, individual cultural eyes will contribute to the eventual creation of a collective narrative of the same spaces. It is the aim to initially develop this for the city of Stockholm and to take the concept to different European and/or international cities in a later stadium.


The exhibition as well as the project 'Symphonic Cities' is curated by Daphne Carolus, an MA candidate in Curating Art at Stockholm University.


The current exhibition is produced with support from Stockholm University.





Patric Simmerud is a Stockholm-based sound artist and composer of contemporary art music. He holds degrees in both areas from institutions such as the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art, the Royal Academy of Music (Stockholm), the Fondazione Accademia Chigiana (Siena, Italy) and the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris (France). Originally trained as a composer, Simmerud has seen his music performed by amongst others Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Stockholms Saxofonkvartett, Kammarensemblen Sonanza, Stockholms Blåsarsymfoniker, Emory Wind Ensemble (Atlanta), Pärlor för Svin, The North/South Consonance Ensemble (New York), Zagreb Saxophone Quartet (Croatia), The Raschér Saxophone Quartet (USA), Ensemble Theater am Gleis (Schweiz) and Sångsällskapet Orphei Drängar. Since 2010, Simmerud has additionally focussed on sound art. His soundwork was featured in both solo and group exhibitions at i.a. Fylkingen, Forum Stockholm, Galleri 44 and the artist-run space Platina. Patric Simmerud is also a musician in the duo 'Yutori', alongside Japanese born Mika Takehara (percussion and electronics).

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