Walter Benjamin - Arcades Project

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Cabinet: Walter Benjamin's The Arcades Project or Passagenwerk

"To construct the city topographically - tenfold and a hundredffold - from out of its arcades and its gateways, its cemeteries and bordellos, its railroad stations and its . . .. , just as formerly it was defined by its churches and its markets. And the more secret, more deeply embedded figures of the city: murders and rebellions, the bloody knots in the network of the streets, lairs of love, and conflagrations."


"Couldn't an excititing film be made from the map of Paris? From the unfolding of its various aspects in temporal succession? From the compression of a centuries -­ long movement of streets, boulevards, arcades, and squares into the space of half an hour? And does the flaneur do anything different?"



Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project.

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